Friday, April 20, 2007

Khodu community

Hello people. It is time now to officially praise Khodu.. So tell me your worst and Best encounter with him(He is surprisingly good sometimes you now).

My final days at RVCE

It is with a heavy heart and no blood in my vins i have to start this blog. Heavy heart because i'll be leaving all my friends dear to me here, and going to gurgaon. The no blood thing, well because frankly RVCE drank all of it.
This is my first post of many, so i'll keep it short and simple.
Will miss all my friends a lot. Ad i hope i get some time everyday to write like this.

I'm posting nowadays on the frequency chat board. I feel i'm doing a good job there.. Helping people by whatever resources they need. And those which i can lawfully provide. It feels nice to interact with people from college. In this sad depressed life, their mails also seem so happy. They make me happy. Love all ppl who fight so hard. Hate the authorities, but love the teachers and all my collegues and the seniorss and all the juniors.