Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thats what God does


I was thinking.. what does God do after all. I thought of a plan to see.. and here are the results.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

my thoughts.. little philosophy

Sometimes in life.. things on your to-do list get so huge, things get so out of control. Actually it happens more than sometimes in lots of lives. The best part in life is, it is important to do your to-do list, but its still just important. Living your life is necessary. Doing things on your to-do list will help you accomplish those dreams a little easier. Earning money to get to your potential pream is no more a stressful itenary on your list to spend time. Now you have a group of high networth professionals, ready to spend money to save their time. Time and food now are the highest rated items on everyone's buy list. I need more time to do more and more things everyday. It seems time is crunching the best of me in a very small enclosure. I will not let it do that. My time is precious not to those who care for and love me, but for those I am willing to compromise everything in my life for. I am not the alpha user or beta user of all products launched, I am a consumer, I am a developer of alpha and beta test products, and I am a software engineer. I am Anubhav Agarwal. I have rediscovered myself.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Nothing is easy to make perfect, the trees, the leaves, the drops of water falling from the heavens, all take their own time to become perfect. But somethings in life always seem so perfect, it seems as though they were completely crafted according to what we require and ask for the most. Here's to those few things in life, that make it perfect:

Somethings should not be harmed, and one of them is you,
Sometimes I get sad, and the shining ray of hope becomes you.
It is so surreal, so complicated, but yet simple and true.
It is the most wonderful feeling to be thinking about you.

You could take the shape of any fruit, any tree, even the sky that is still so blue,
I am enthralled to be living in an era with somethings having with you many equalities,
Perfect as they all are, they each have their own qualities,
But you are a class apart from everything, and I am glad to be related to you.

I tried to make the first four lines a couplet, and the remaining a sonnet. No clue how well it worked though :).

Pretty schoolkid types I know, but thats for starters, I'll write in properly sometime later soon :P. Probably at a time when I have something I want to write about that is not so kid like :).

Friday, May 8, 2009

Poem Writing

I recently realized that I have an amazing potential to write poems. Will be writing one shortly: It's on my To do List :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MS makes a victory in its run to code

Microsoft launches IE8 final code today
Sets start time at 9 a.m. PT for its newest browser
Gregg Keizer

March 19, 2009 (Computerworld) Microsoft Corp. will release Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) at 9 a.m. PT today, beating its biggest rival, Mozilla Corp., in the race towards final code.

The new browser (see Computerworld's review) will be available for manual download from the company's Web site, the hour selected to coincide with a keynote address at MIX09, the Microsoft-sponsored Web developer conference where IE8 will be introduced, said James Pratt, a senior product manager on the IE development team.

"We'll be launching IE8 RTM [release to manufacturing] in 25 languages for Windows Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008," said Pratt.

Windows 7 users, the vast majority of them running the beta that debuted Jan. 10, will not see the final version of IE8 until Microsoft delivers the next public milestone of the operating system, Pratt said. He declined to promise that the final bits of the browser would make it into the Windows 7 release candidate, which Microsoft has strongly hinted will be offered to the general public. "But that would be ideal," he said.

People already using an earlier version of IE8 -- Microsoft issued two betas and one release candidate in the last 12 months -- will be offered the final code via Windows Update "over the next couple of weeks," said Pratt. "We want them to have the most up-to-date version."

At some still-unspecified later date, Microsoft will "switch on" IE8's automatic download and installation through Windows Update for people running the older IE6 or IE7 browsers. In January, the company posted a tool kit that corporate IT administrators can use to block IE8's installation when Microsoft pulls the Windows Update trigger.

Pratt was confident that Microsoft's servers would stand up to the expected load when users start hitting its site for IE8 today. In January, Microsoft had to postpone, then restart, the launch of Windows 7's public beta after the crush overwhelmed its servers. "An operating system and browser are different-sized packages," he noted. "We've had lots of experience releasing browsers, and I'm confident that it will be available to all users who want it."

As the company promised last November, Microsoft used what was for it a faster-paced development cycle near the end, sticking to its promise then to issue just a single "release candidate" build, which it did in late January 2009, before moving on to final.

But that doesn't mean Microsoft has its foot on the gas. "We are very deliberate in how we release a product," Pratt said, when asked whether Microsoft would pick up the pace to match the faster cycles of some of its rivals, such as Mozilla and Google Inc. "When we build a browser, we have to balance the needs of a number of customers," he added, including enterprises that are traditionally loath to change software.

Ironically, the slower Microsoft beat the nimbler Mozilla in the race to the next major upgrade. Mozilla has had to postpone Firefox 3.5, formerly called 3.1, several times over the last eight months and has yet to issue a release candidate.

Even so, Mozilla welcomed the IE8 launch. "We're happy to see that Microsoft is not standing still," said Mike Beltzner, the director of Firefox. "But we're not standing still either. Browser makers have to keep up [because] people expect more of the Web today."

IE8 will be available from Microsoft's main download center, and from the page specific to Internet Explorer 8.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

do the hoe down.

In case you believe you are an accomplished dancer, try doing this. You'll enjoy it if nothing else.

In case you believe you are not a great dancer too.. well this song is for people from 5 to 85.. so i guess you should fit somewhere in there :).. enjoy. Boom boom clap. boom. de clap de clap. Boom boom clap. boom. de clap de clap. Boom boom clap. boom. de clap de clap.

Billy Ray Cyrus rocks as always :) he's the real good influence behind Miley Ray Cyrus :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Benji Schwimmer

Among the many things we love this guy for, incredible talent seems to top everyone's list.

One step in this video is a perfect example of efortless. I mean the hip hop guys of the movies suck in front of this step. Watch carefully. You'll know which one i'm talking about :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Led Zep

This dood rocks.

Aisha Tyler

This video makes paolo fansisco look like a midget :). This girls gotta larger view on life. Obviously. Full on comedy :). Especially if you have drunk something good just now :)

How to Watch: Click on the link Aisha Tyler below. New window opens up. Click on the red play button and then green play button in the video. Refresh the screen to stop one part and watch the next.

Great tip: Let the video load, start playing it. When you realize that its fully loaded, go offline and watch the rest. The site has a limit of 72 minutes watching for the non-premium members. So the message to stop playing it will only appear when they realize that you have watched 72 minutes, which wont happen cause you are offline :)

SlumDog Millionaire

How to Watch: Click on the red play button and then green play button in the video. Refresh the screen to stop one part and watch the next.

Great tip: Let the video load, start playing it. When you realize that its fully loaded, go offline and watch the rest. The site has a limit of 72 minutes watching for the non-premium members. So the message to stop playing it will only appear when they realize that you have watched 72 minutes, which wont happen cause you are offline :)

Watch Slumdog Millionaire Part 1:

Watch Slumdog Millionaire Part 2:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm just too wrapped up in work mostly

Generally did I ever make an appointment with you, maybe travelling to bangalore, or meeting you in amsterdam, or maybe even in ny. I apologise. First of all thanks to the series of unprecedented events in my life, starting with the american banks, my company has put its salary slips in the defensive mode, hence I am stripped of the extra cash I could have accured and hence travelled(Sounds to me like a swell crib already :), but the list goes on..). Second, thanks to my lack of studies so far, I have not cleared any good college in or around bangalore (IIM being my preference there. I got a call from allianz, blr, but I din go for the gd. Too bad a situation to ride out for a job again next year or maybe even after that.) And last but not the least.. I'm on a quest that does not encompass anything to do with bangalore right now(And if you are smart enough you have caught very correctly what I was trying to inculcate).

For the abroad part. Simple and easy excuse. Getting a visa got tougher. I still want to travel and meet you people, but no time. As for my friends in the U.S. I'm sure you are not reading this. In case you are, I would recommend not thinking about me for a while. I might be travelling, but thats a nigh negligible possibility, considering recession and my profile in my company. Its just been 1.5 years fr christ sakes. As they say here it is hard to make a person travel before two years. Although I still conteplate on why and how my colleagues who joined with me have just returned from trips to Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Oh and yeah.. for the friends who I drank alcohol wityh.. if you are reading this, please understand that i've been off the bottle for some time now and next time we meet, do not expect me to drink like I once used to :).

The dancing's still happening. Only a lot lesser though. Wonder what will happen after I get booked :).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Outlook on life

EA Sports is developing a lot of good games nowadays. I am personally a fan of the football games they make. There is one game I recommend people to play to gain an experience of what life has in store for them. Its called Sims 2. Its a real life simulation of people and their daily lives. Right from going to a new place, getting settled, and then making friends, getting a job, falling in love, marriage, kids, their troubles, etc. Its a lil long but its worth it. At least it prepares you for life and what it holds in store for you. Just the other day I had this colleague who told me that I had no experience of raising a baby girl and what problems/issues are commonly observed. I can now proudly say. I can now proudly say I know what its like to raise a baby girl. Sounds like an advertisement. Well the sad part is that I am not getting paid to say this. But its true for certain. For all my friends who are struggling to understand - how to keep their marriages going. Play this game before you experiment in real life. I lost hope at the part I had to raise a child in the game.

This is a small code but helps a lot

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