Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Mayans say that 2012 is a point of evolution, not destruction.

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2012? end of days??

What is the year 2012? Is it the year of revelation/end of days/renissance? What have the world leaders feared most? Why is this year part of all spiritual scriptures? Is it time for all to say kum-bie-yah and brace for the inevitable? Let's try and answer some of that.

Do you remember the end of world war II? What was the outcome?

Its simple - While the United Nations was established to foster international cooperation and prevent future conflicts, the Soviet Union and the United States emerged as two rival superpowers. Ref.

What has America done to mantain its dominance? What were the challanges it faced?

America has been a nation that dominated the world war II by sheer force. Force comes at a highly expensive cost - technology, infrastructure, communication, advanced weaponry, defence trainings, assault missions, etc.

How has it funded these operations in the past?

The wealth America obtained was basically by pushing one country against the other - always. Taking someone's side, biasing the policies and decisions of the UNO, getting financial aid, using it to develop methods to be ahead of the race. America used to manufacture the highest number of millitary supplies to the rest of the world - just to keep them protected! This in turn generated huge funds which America could play with. The dominance America maintained over the nations showed right from the way the American president shook hands with the British Queen after the world war, to the way America charged over Iraq. Terrorism has been always led by american ideas at some point. People watced war moviews and read novels to understand the tactics people used to gain supremacy in the world war and the American ways of survival.

What was the move that America made wrongly?

America started depleting in resources and then saw that there was cheap labour available in the world. India and China provided a workforce that was much more economical compared to their own workforce. They resorted to means such as improving technology and trying to sell technology to the world, and trying really hard to be the superpower in that domain, and capture the markets again. They were able to withhold their technical stronghold but with rising deficit in the world markets.

It is this factor that pushed them to either decline their dominance or get more money somehow. The money markets transferred towards Europe because Russia was no longer a unified country. It was no more USSR but many Russian countries with seperate policies and seperate leaders with no unified government capable of taking over power. Meanwhile, the prices for the prishable natural resource - oil had gone up worldwide to above a staggering 130 dollars, ref., the highest in known man history. This propelled the president of the United States to attack the biggest natural oil resource known and take dominance of the oil resources on the pretext of removing terrorism from that land. It attacked Iraq by force in an act of sheer dominance and heartless killings being only greedy for the money due to the oil it will gain after. That led to unrest among the entire world thinking that if America could order a strike on Iraq, then any nation in the world could be next. People started moving against the Americans - Indians struck first blood in 2005 by starting a movement to actually take over the american dominance. Ref.

What is the most possible outcome? Most possibly 2012 is the date when the world markets will collapse, bringing about a new world order and ruling central currency. It is not the end of days for sure.