Thursday, September 18, 2008

Living Life the Shared way

Its slog time all over again. MBA preparations are happening.

tech stuff

Hey nowdays i am working on sharepoint. i am with Sapient (website its a great technology. I would love to solve all the doubts you have on this technology. I can solve a lot of stuff now. lets see what you got to ask.. ask me at

            The site's live. Its an intranet site, so you all cant see it, ask me for pics and i'll give them to you with pleasure.

            For all the people who need a higher download speed on their bit torrent clients, I suggest the following url.. Please read the instructions carefully and do not screw up your router in any other way.

            Also one more thing. If you are using a wi-fi network. Please please use a password protected network at home/work. That is because the government of India has passed a law that if you use a open network there is a possibility of the terrorist groups using your network to send terror threats. So please be aware that it is a crime punishable by law, to set up an open wi-fi network.