Sunday, February 24, 2008


Listen to this track called "World Hold On"(Bob Sinclair). I love the music. And you may even want to listen to Rihanna-"Please dont stop the music". Its a good song.

By the same artist there is a song called Take A Bow.. its really good..

You may even want to listen to Shreas_groove. I found it really interesting.

One must listen song i give my heart to is: homecomming - kayne west.

One guy i'd bow down to is: The legendary soul singer and arranger/composer Isaac Hayes

or for the direct songs to stream.

Its what i call music.


Watch this movie called the last known mohicans. Its basically a story of how love survives a war.

One more movie you need to watch is Death Race if you like action.. If you liked counterstrike in college, you'll love this..

And if you like marvel comics and the hulk, you'll love the incredible hulk. He's better than ever, and he almost gets the doctor.

And one more thing.. watch this movie called.. get smart.. if you haven't.. just in case.. its hilarious.