Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caught in the wrong job?

Its really like one of those "Caught in the wrong job" kind of times nowdays. I'm doing development, design, architecture, and whole lot technical documents on MOSS 2007. Yesterday the client told me that he needed a development document for MOSS 2007. So I made one - 2 MB in size. Huge document containing all the best coding practices and stuff that I did not know before.

As usual -> luck is not really what I bank on and it turned out a correct investment gyan. I got raped by my manager, that this is a bible, not a best practices document. So the 180 pages document had to be reduced in size to a 30 page document, including TOC, references, etc. I mean 1/5 th the size of the original document. And then it was supposed to go to the client. I ended up mailing the first document altogether.

Bloody e-mail. Then I called back the first mail, sent an apology to the client (my performance score is expected to suck after this) and sent him the correct documentation.

What I need now is i think: http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink8127.html. Anyone for accompanying me on that?

If you feel that I love my job is the mantra you need. Hey you. Welcome to my club.