Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Outlook on life

EA Sports is developing a lot of good games nowadays. I am personally a fan of the football games they make. There is one game I recommend people to play to gain an experience of what life has in store for them. Its called Sims 2. Its a real life simulation of people and their daily lives. Right from going to a new place, getting settled, and then making friends, getting a job, falling in love, marriage, kids, their troubles, etc. Its a lil long but its worth it. At least it prepares you for life and what it holds in store for you. Just the other day I had this colleague who told me that I had no experience of raising a baby girl and what problems/issues are commonly observed. I can now proudly say. I can now proudly say I know what its like to raise a baby girl. Sounds like an advertisement. Well the sad part is that I am not getting paid to say this. But its true for certain. For all my friends who are struggling to understand - how to keep their marriages going. Play this game before you experiment in real life. I lost hope at the part I had to raise a child in the game.

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