Tuesday, November 9, 2010

India Risen

It is not just a dream anymore, but a fact. India has risen to the levels where America needs India for its support, for information and for technology. We are not only an economic superpower, but chief innovators of the 21st century.

I was going through Barack Obama's speech today at http://www.freakygossip.com/2010/11/barack-obama-momentous-speech-video-indian-parliament/

I heard stuff like Martin Luther King, Mahatama Gandhi, the power of zero. As we used to say as kids, the Americans are trying to boost our Ego to get stuff done. We are not still happy with the increase in prices of visas for IT people. It is a bad move and the United States of America will be held responsible for their jobs by many Indians. It is the unsaid story of our guys. The President of India may or may not be moved too much by the increase in prices, but we for sure are.

Also, we will not let America dominate and do what it feels like again. We have fire in our hearts and blood to kill people who taste it!