Monday, June 1, 2009


Nothing is easy to make perfect, the trees, the leaves, the drops of water falling from the heavens, all take their own time to become perfect. But somethings in life always seem so perfect, it seems as though they were completely crafted according to what we require and ask for the most. Here's to those few things in life, that make it perfect:

Somethings should not be harmed, and one of them is you,
Sometimes I get sad, and the shining ray of hope becomes you.
It is so surreal, so complicated, but yet simple and true.
It is the most wonderful feeling to be thinking about you.

You could take the shape of any fruit, any tree, even the sky that is still so blue,
I am enthralled to be living in an era with somethings having with you many equalities,
Perfect as they all are, they each have their own qualities,
But you are a class apart from everything, and I am glad to be related to you.

I tried to make the first four lines a couplet, and the remaining a sonnet. No clue how well it worked though :).

Pretty schoolkid types I know, but thats for starters, I'll write in properly sometime later soon :P. Probably at a time when I have something I want to write about that is not so kid like :).