Sunday, August 16, 2009

my thoughts.. little philosophy

Sometimes in life.. things on your to-do list get so huge, things get so out of control. Actually it happens more than sometimes in lots of lives. The best part in life is, it is important to do your to-do list, but its still just important. Living your life is necessary. Doing things on your to-do list will help you accomplish those dreams a little easier. Earning money to get to your potential pream is no more a stressful itenary on your list to spend time. Now you have a group of high networth professionals, ready to spend money to save their time. Time and food now are the highest rated items on everyone's buy list. I need more time to do more and more things everyday. It seems time is crunching the best of me in a very small enclosure. I will not let it do that. My time is precious not to those who care for and love me, but for those I am willing to compromise everything in my life for. I am not the alpha user or beta user of all products launched, I am a consumer, I am a developer of alpha and beta test products, and I am a software engineer. I am Anubhav Agarwal. I have rediscovered myself.